‘Growler’ (release date 31 August) is the first of three planned digital singles to be taken from his latest masterpiece ‘NOX’, and it really packs a punch. ‘Growler’ is solid, melodic, technoid and literally cries out for ecstasy and release, when boundaries between genres are torn down and new dimensions of sound are created. This rejuvenation process definitely bears fruit, because this four-minute rollercoaster combines the electro pioneer’s unmistakable roots with a contemporary feel, therefore creating a deeply seductive symbiosis that is extremely hard to resist. Three additional remixes (‘MT’, ‘Jeyenne’ and ‘Van Undercut Tribute’) present those smashes from various multifaceted perspectives, revealing his mighty potential. Rounded off by the hard, untameable EBM number ‘Stripped’.


published Tuesday, August 7th, 2018

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