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VNV Nation is a European based alternative electronic project led by Ronan Harris in the roles of singer, songwriter and producer.
Never content with fitting in a category, VNV Nation’s sound blends poetic and thought provoking lyrics with a sound that ranges from melodic dance beats and indie-electronic anthems, to haunting ballads and post-classical soundtrack pieces. The live shows are legendary for their energy and positive emotion, drawing a devoted fanbase from across the musical spectrum to sold out tours and headline appearances at festivals in Europe and America.

Over the course of the project’s career, VNV Nation has continued to reach new heights, with its last 3 albums charting top 10 in Germany, as well as top 5 Billboard Chart positions in the US.

Ronan Harris was born in Dublin, Ireland and lives in Hamburg, Germany

Dates for VNV Nation
Date City Country Venue Info
02.11.19 VNV Nation in Goslar DE Rammelsberg MINER’S ROCK! SOLD OUT! -
03.11.19 VNV Nation in Goslar DE Rammelsberg MINER’S ROCK! SOLD OUT! -
28.11.19 VNV Nation in Gotha DE Stadthalle CHRISTMAS PARTY! SOLD OUT! -
29.11.19 VNV Nation in Potsdam DE Lindenpark CHRISTMAS PARTY! SOLD OUT! -
30.11.19 VNV Nation in Berlin DE Columbia Theater CHRISTMAS PARTY! SOLD OUT! -
01.12.19 VNV Nation in Görlitz DE Landskron Kulturbrauerei CHRISTMAS PARTY! SOLD OUT! -
06.12.19 VNV Nation in Hamburg DE Logo ZUSATZSHOW! SOLD OUT! -
07.12.19 VNV Nation in Hamburg DE Logo CHRISTMAS PARTY! SOLD OUT! -
08.12.19 VNV Nation in München DE Ampere CHRISTMAS PARTY! SOLD OUT! -
20.12.19 VNV Nation in Oberhausen DE Kulttempel ZUSATZSHOW! CHRISTMAS PARTY! SOLD OUT! -
21.12.19 VNV Nation in Oberhausen DE Kulttempel CHRISTMAS PARTY! SOLD OUT! -
22.12.19 VNV Nation in Weißenfels DE Kulturhaus CHRISTMAS PARTY! SOLD OUT! -
25.07.20 - 26.07.20 VNV Nation in Köln DE Tanzbrunnen Buy tickets -
12.09.20 VNV Nation in Neu-Ulm DE Ratiopharm Arena Buy tickets - VOLLE KRAFT VORAUS FESTIVAL -
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