U96 is a german Techno/Dance Project now consisting of Ingo Hauss and Hayo Lewerentz. The other original members Alex and Helmut left the project in 2014.

Hauss and Lewerentz reformed the project into a live-act and released a brand-new EP in 2015 which will be followed by a brand-new album called “Reboot” in spring 2017. In 2015 the band also had a few warmup live performances in Finland and Russia.

U96 had the biggest success in the 90s with massive hit singles worldwide like “Das Boot”, which was the biggest commercial success of a techno-song ever and sold 1 million+ singles and collected double platinum in Germany and other territories. They had more than 10 Top ten Hit singles in Germany alone and sold over 10 Million Albums and Singles worldwide.

The new Live setup consists of Ingo Hauss and Hayo Lewerentz and will see performances of guest singers and musicians as well as great visuals and lights.

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