When in September 2002 Rasc, Gun and Krischan decided to form Rotersand, they weren”t newcomers any more. Each of them could look back on a rich musical past of their own. Joining forced in “Rotersand”, they eventually began to create their own concept of electronic music: invigorating and contemplative, contemporary yet timeless.

Right from the start the band developed remarkable momentum and depth, both on the dance floors and in their fans’ living rooms. Originating from very different musical backgrounds, they combined and even multiplied their talents into a signature sound, featuring electronic sound aesthetics with brute beats and classic songwriting with intelligent lyrics.

From their first E.P. “Merging Oceans on”, released in Spring 2003, Rasc, Gun and Krischan, received worldwide attention. For several months the band occupied top rankings in Europe’s alternative Charts and the title track “Merging Oceans” went on heavy rotation in clubs and on radio and internet stations around the world. A few months later their first album “Truth is fanatic” hit like a bomb and virtually overnight established the band within the German Electro-­‐scene. Their second album “Welcome to Goodbye” stayed on Number 1 in the DAC charts for 8 conscutive weeks and gained “Rotersand ” recocnition all over Europe and in the US. The third album “1023″ -­‐ named after a hotel room in Detroit -­‐ impressively showcased the musicians’ bandwidth and unhindered drive to experiment, while over the years their live shows grew into intoxicating events.

Now, after three successful albums and countless live concerts, “Rotersand” has established its unmistakable musical profile: a unique mélange of Industrial, Techno, Pop and even Classical elements, that clearly mirror the different personalities, backgrounds and artistic approaches of each band member.

Dates for Rotersand
Date City Country Venue Info
14.04.17 Rotersand in Amstelveen NL P60 Buy tickets -
15.04.17 Rotersand in Oberhausen DE Kulttempel Buy tickets -
05.05.17 Rotersand in Frankfurt/Main DE das Bett Buy tickets -
13.05.17 Rotersand in Hamburg DE Markthalle Buy tickets - more
02.06.17 - 05.06.17 Rotersand in Leipzig DE Kohlrabizirkus Buy tickets -
02.09.17 Rotersand in Göteborg SE Musikens Hus Buy tickets -
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