NOISUF-­‐Xís mastermind Jan Loamfield is active in the electronic borderline between techno and EBM / Electro since 1988. So far he has released four highly-­‐acclaimed albums under the moniker of NOISUF-­‐X which rightly gave him a place among the top acts of these genres.

After several live performances in the past (among others at the Summer Darkness, the Gothic Festival and the Powerstrip Festival with Leaether Strip) the new work by Noisuf-­‐X appears now.

The release is entitled “Excessive Exposure” and comes out on 01.04.10 though it is no April joke by far! The album will excite the masses and shaking, crowded dance floors are inevitable.

This uncompromising catchy and danceable club material is far ahead of its rivals.

“Excessive Exposure” will be released as a standard edition and as a limited edition box with a bonus CD “Excessive Extension” which includes guest vocals by no less a figure than Peter Spilles (Project Pitchfork) and Johan van Roy (Suicide Commando).

A must-­have for all industrial-­electro fans.

Dates for Noisuf-X
Date City Country Venue Info
08.08.20 - 09.08.20 Noisuf-X in Hildesheim DE Mera Luna Festival Buy tickets -
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