“I don’t think Mozart helps at all.” But what kind of music helps with acute hypochondria or melancholia? And what happens when someone messes up the patient files? KiEw is what happens.

KiEw – that’s handmade Electro-Industrial with way-out sounds, beats and vocals not only coming from machines. The musicians Matthias Kulcke, Stephan Thiemicke and Martin Mälzer around frontman and “master of madness” Andreas Thedens mainly utilize cineastic voice samplings to finish their mad and partially dadaistic lyrics. Distorted voices and avantgardistic sounds are as much part of a KiEw concert as are subtly tuned sound structures and excessive transboundary instrumental solos. KiEw doesn’t only serve one musical genre but breaks through into techno, breakcore and noise.

The live performance is unique: A mental patient has the audience partaking in the auditive therapy of his condition and involves everybody in his absurd and most schizophrenic perceptions. Dramatic staging leads the spectator to participate in audiovisually experienced emotions and aboulicly into the KiEw hemisphere. Meanwhile “Feierabend in Kiew”, “Graograman”, “dcdisk”, “Nachtwache” or “Käferfrühstück” are leading the DJ playlists of relevant clubs.

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