Into The Night is the new album from FM (Fixmer/McCarthy) the duo comprising of influential French Techno producer Terence Fixmer and Douglas McCarthy, the legendary voice of Nitzer Ebb.

Since releasing their first album, Between The Devil, in 2004 FM have taken their world dominating electronic beats and punishing vocals around the globe and have emerged to formulate a new direction for their sound. Emanating from Terence’s longstanding obsession with EBM and Techno, Into The Night takes us on a journey into the heart of a new electronic darkness, with velvet melodies over hypnotic pulsating bass lines, and even a ballad to tug on your clubbed out heart strings!

After the revolutionary storm of their first album, FM now delivers us the unexpected – a broodingly reflective sensual new album that has the sound of the dancefloor and the soundtrack for the journey home!

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07.10.17 Fixmer/McCarthy in Stockholm SE Nalen Buy tickets - Bodyfest 2017 -
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