Eyes Shut Tight

Eyes Shut Tight

We are the virus which destroys our paradise.
We are the soundtrack for the virus called human being.
We are “YOU”

Disarmingly honest. That is the way EYES SHUT TIGHT are presenting themselves since 2012.
“We are born in the underworld, never see the light inside, we are banished from paradise, born to fall, never rise” (D.W.T.).

EYES SHUT TIGHT are transferring their feelings and experience in their bluntly exposed anger at the daily’s pointlessness and powerlessness into an intransigent sound.

After the successful Germany tour supporting Zeromancer they have started working on their third studio album “Banished From Paradise” with the producer JP Genkel (Cradle Of Filth, Lacrimosa, Covenant, … ). Release is planned in 2014.

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