The end of the electronic Ice Age

The new project „Eisfabrik“ is the extraordinary presentation of electronic music. Expressive vocals with a balanced mix of modern electronic music with danceable synth- and futurepop elements, electronic supercooled visualizations and a truly “cool” stage show create a unique work: The members of the „Eisfabrik“ (engl: “Ice Factory”) produce music and atmospheres of a special kind, which does not exist until now. The electronic Trans-Siberian Express is on the run and immediately at full speed. The sound is not comparable to any previously known band. Each song has an individual sound, but you always recognize this unique style. The expressive voice of Dr. Schnee is a big part of this. The individual sound of Eisfabrik does really take its own place in the scene.

Old hands – new sound
Eisfabrik consists of three long-established musicians under the pseudonyms of Dr. Schnee (engl: Doc Snow), Der Frost (engl: The Frost) and °Celsius, who feel connected by their common preference for unusual production of electronic music and exceptional staging.
They don’t want to disclose their true identities because Eisfabrik does not want to be compared with the previous and not quite unknown bands and projects of the three members – they are fully focused on the music and its performance in itself. Therefore, everybody may puzzle about the myth of these three guys.
Inspired by the largest industrial center of Alaska, Anchorage, the project and its artistic conception received its name: “Eisfabrik” stands for club oriented electronic music in ice, snow and supercooled aurora. With their first album “When Winter Comes” the end of the Ice Age of electronic music is definitely dawned!

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