Electronic, versatile and straight to the point, Destroid know exactly how to spawn a clubhit. Classic EBM is musically as important to Destroid as harmonic synth-­‐elements. Since their debut album „Future Prophecies“ in 2004, Daniel Myer and Sebastian Ullmann convince us with intelligent, dark electronics, that reveal themselves without clichés or superficial, brutal stupidity. Their hit „Judgement Throne“ is still a popular dance track in the club scene. With their second Album released in fall 2007 „Loudspeaker“, Destroid totally convinced the club scene of their genius. During the successful tour with [:S.I.T.D: ] in the autumn and winter of that year, fans and critics were equally impressed by the quality of the lyrics of Daniel Myer. At the same time to this, Destroid conquered the DAC (german alternative charts) and landed amongst the 30 most successful entries of 2008. In 2009 Destroid gave great atmospheric concerts at the Christmas Ball festivals. Right after that in February 2010 the EP „Silent World“ emerged. The album was internationally very successful and Destroid mastermind Daniel Myer was ready for his next strike. In autumn 2010 he accompanies Alan Wilder as „Architect“, on the US tour with Recoil. The former Depeche Mode band member was very impressed by the world of ideas of busy Daniel Myer and secured Daniel´s abilities as remixer for his new track „Want“. DESTROID -­‐ fronted by Daniel Myer, do not give a damn about the conventional approach and will render all attempts on categorizing their style utterly futile. They feel at home in hardfloor, the classic EBM-­‐style, in Synth-­‐ and Futurepop, and are not in fear of churning out the odd dark ballad either. The result is a mind-­‐blowing acoustic journey that manages to always keep on the thin line of sounding homogenous, while at the other time hopping wildly through different styles. Destroid masters all nuances of modern electronic music in the blink of an eye and leave their rivals clinging to their own conventions, condemning themselves to eternal stagnation. The concept of Destroid is about breaking these conventions. Daniel Myer : vocals, production, programming Sebastian Ullmann : production, live-­‐keyboard, programming

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