The insatiable appetite for dancing masses, popping bass lines and haunting melodies will crush upon the world like Thor’s hammer to crush the skull of the Midgard Serpent!

See you all live on stage! All power to the bass drum!

In the current album “Allvater” Centhron hails the old gods with an harsh electronic firework!
Provocatively, erotic, aggressive, dark, melodic, catchy, atmospheric and with a new Keyboardplayer and female voice Sandra Schmidt ALLVATER will be released on the 24th of March.

The may be most complete Centhron Album since 2001 is there. There will be two videoclips of the new album. The songs “Allvater” and “Deutsches Land” getting a furious optic view! For the song “De Sade” they could own the voice of Melanie Neuhöfer, with her classic timbre she gives a beautiful atmosphere to the music!

Be sure, the dancefloors of this world will burn, raise your fist!

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