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The dresden electronic music band Absurd Minds can look back on 22 years of career. Five albums and several other worldwide releases are the result of a creative phase that Tilo Ladwig and Stefan Grossmann started as a small homerecording project back in 1995 and which due to the cooperation with Francesco D’Angelo’s record company “Scanner” became one of the world’s most successful electronic music projects.
Since 1999 Absurd Minds managed to inspire fans originated in all the different corners of music with their unique mixture of dynamic electronic music and melodic pop sounds.

Several higher chart positions, countless live performances and the support of an ever-growing fan base impressively demonstrate the success of the creative work of Absurd Minds.

Meanwhile a four-headed band, Absurd Minds will finally release their long awaited sixth long-playing record “Tempus fugit” in 2017.
Tempus fugit” is a striking comeback, and already one of the musical highlights 2017. They sound stronger than they ever did before!

Time flies by and it’s up to us to seize it. Uti ad tempus.

Dates for Absurd Minds
Date City Country Venue Info
24.03.18 Absurd Minds in Giessen DE MuK
28.04.18 Absurd Minds in Weissenhäuser Strand DE Ferienpark Weissenhäuser Strand Buy tickets -
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